About Swallows

Swallows of Helston is a gymnastic club in Cornwall with approximately 350 members, ranging from around 3 years old to adults. A broad range of classes are run weekly, incorporating all ages, at recreational, display and competitive levels.



Parent and Child –  45 min session

These sessions are for all parents and children to enjoy. The classes are a great way to encourage the children to experience rolling, climbing and swinging in a safe environment. Classes start for children from 6 months.  We charge weekly for this class and the session fee is payable on the door as and when you attend.

Pre-school – 45 min session
These classes are for all children over 3 years of age. This is the children’s first experience of staying and playing without their parents/guardians. The sessions are run by our experienced Pre school coaches and the aim of the classes are to teach basic  co- ordination skills, gross motor skills as well as experiencing the gymnastics apparatus.  The children in these classes all work towards their British Gymnastics Pre-school Proficiency awards throughout the year.

Recreational – 1 hour session
These classes are for all children of full time school age. The sessions combine fitness and fun in a safe environment for the youngsters. The children experience the larger apparatus as well as taking part in the Proficiency Award Scheme through British Gymnastics, and Trampolining awards can also be attained. Badge testing is normally done three times throughout the year. A number of these children may be given the opportunity of taking part in our Annual Club Floor and Vault competition held each year.

Recreational plus – 1 hour session
These sessions are for children over 7 years of age who wish to progress their skills on the apparatus. All gymnasts continue to work towards the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards and Trampolining Awards, as well as participating in the Club Competition held each year.

Junior development 
The coaching team are always on the look out for children who show a natural aptitude for the sport of Gymnastics and Development groups are started each year by the Senior coaches. These children train for up to 7 hours per week and their training is predominantly flexibility and strength based. These children also experience some dance and ballet training which is key in their future development. Family commitment is key to the progress of these young members.  These sessions are by invitation only!

Novice, intermediate and county level competitive gymnastics
All competition members are selected by the Coaching team. Gymnasts are invited to join these groups when the coaches feel they have reached the required level. These sessions are for both Boys and Girls.

The Club run 5 or 6 weekly Key Steps Classes either at the local Primary Schools, or in the gym. Many rural schools lack the facility of a large hall, and the Headteachers often bus their pupils in to use the Club’s facility and apparatus under the guidance of the coaching team. We also run after school Clubs on Friday afternoons.

Adult gymnastics
Adult gymnastics runs on Wednesday evening from 7.00-8.30.   No previous experiences required to come along and take part.

Freestyle Gymnastics Video Here.