About Swallows

Swallows of Helston is a gymnastic club in Cornwall with approximately 350 members, ranging from around 3 years old to adults. A broad range of classes are run weekly, incorporating all ages, at recreational, display and competitive levels.


Please vote for us

We have put in a bid for funding for £1000  to complete our Garden Project.

We desperately need votes in order to win. Please use the link below.

Vote for us now at:-
It will only take 3 minutes of your time and will mean so much to Swallows.
Please could we also ask you to pass this onto others you know who would be willing to give up a few moments of their time and help us?
Can you share with absolutely everyone you know, friends, family, work mates, professionals etc.
Thank you all so much from all at Swallows of Helston including Committee, members, friends, family and volunteers